About Debbie

Dbbie’s culinary interest started at the age of 8, when she went to study in Switzerland. There she got acquainted with unique and special kind of food that raised her curiosity to learn more about the issue.
That was the first step of a full life of development and knowledge in the culinary specialization and curiosity to different kinds of food and flavors.
Debbie’s passion for food came from home. Her mother was a great cook, she cooked dishes from all over the world but never let Debbie enter her kitchen and learn from her.

During her childhood Debbie traveled with her family all over the world there she discovered a variety of fine restaurants and special dishes.
This fact made Debbie more curious and from that point Debbie started to invent her own recipes.
Debbie’s daughters are an integral part of her kitchen and sometimes they are still cooking together or discuss different recipes.
Whenever Debbie goes to a new restaurant, in any part of the world, and any kind of restaurant – popular or Luxury, she likes to get into the kitchen, speak with the chef and learn about their different recipes.
“One of the dishes I remember is when I was 5 years old, I traveled with my mom and aunt to Rome. Her mother asked a taxi driver to take them to a popular restaurant to which the local people go.The driver took us to the taxi driver’s restaurant, we ate pasta – the best one I ever had. I srill remember the amazing flavours ”

Debbie’s mother taught her international manners, according to different cultures, when you shake hands always look straight at the eyes, be honest and proper. As well as how different cultures arrange the table, and manners in palaces, ambassadors homes, companies , as well as every day people  in different parts of the world, as well on how to conduct conversations in different languages.
Debbie speaks 7 languages, a fact that helps her communicate all over the world.
Debbie is a women of the world, she has a lot of area of interest such as different types of music from classic to modern, jewelry, art and culture – ballet, opera -  She attended the first show of Nureyev and Evdokinovaafter their defect from Russia.As well as the last performance of the opera diva Maria Callas.Debbie likes cultural anthropology; she is very curious about the different cultures of the world.

When Debbie reads a recipe, she can taste it in her mouth before even cooking it. Whatever dish she tastes and likes, she can develop the recipe by herself.
In 1975 She moved to Miami, Florida, and then she met Giora Matzkin, they got married, and had two daughters. Ilana and Hannah.

The diverse mix of cultures and ethnicities that make up her DNA comes as no surprise , since all that know Debbie are engulfed in her” joie de vivre”
All through her life, she has traveled the globe, and experienced the many cultures the world has to offer.  From theatre, to food, music and art, she discovered the essence of every country and its inhabitants.
She has been blessed with an inquisitive mind, which has led her to learn and discover new cultural territories.
The immediate future will see Debbie in the driver’s seat as she prepares to head new media projects.
This will be a unique combination of her passion for culture and different foods

Her motto is: “I believe that when it comes to food there are no boundaries”  

“I have been privileged to travel the world, which have allowed me to meet the most interesting and inspiring people.
The different cultures, customs and traditions have touched me in ways that have persuaded me to develop a TV series through which I can take my viewers with me.
Cuisine is my personal passion and the way Ï choose to take my viewers is through the different kitchens in the world where I shall be interviewing the most powerful women in those countries, as well as the customes and manners.
The essential element of my life is the spirit within me that pushes me to do what my vision is, meet and unite the people. “     

Apart from Debbie’s culinary activity, she established, together with other 5 women, Wizo USA, there she was active for many years until she left to Israel. In addition she established the CHILDREN VARIETY HOSSPITAL in Miami, she was an active member of the  Parkinson association, AMERICAN BREAST  association and got the most active woman in Florida award in 1996 from the governor of Florida.


















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